Sunday, September 20, 2009

Run for Autism Awareness

We did the Run for Autism Awareness yesterday. It was a beautiful day for a run (as if I was going run the entire 3 miles). I did more of a walk/jog which I was pleased about because I thought this old-tired-no-longer-svelte body would only be walking. As I ran the course along the greenbelt there were signs posted periodically along the way with facts and quotes about Autism. Of course Anson was on my mind as I was gasping for air and trying to ignore my ever increasing discomfort. I thought about how I had pitched a ball to him for at least an hour the night before and how quickly he took my instructions on how to stand and hold a bat. You all know me and sports so those instructions will most likely have to be corrected by Uncle Travis and Uncle Tucker. I tried to put thoughts of cardiac arrest out of my mind by thinking of how much Anson talks and is so much more willing to interact with people. I thought of Kendra and Barrett and what wonderful parents they are and what choice spirits they must be to have been selected as earthly guardians for this choice spirit. I thought of how blessed our family is to have such a stong and choice spirit willing to dwell among us and of how much our Father in Heaven must trust us with his care. I thought about the struggles Anson has faced and will continue to encounter as he progesses through this life. As my legs began to hurt and my feet began to ache, as my sweat soaked my shirt and my heart pounded, I realized what a small and insignificant sacrifice this few minutes of my time was. I look at Anson and know that he is an amazing individual. I think he is brilliant, although some may say I am biased. I catch him looking at me sometimes with the silent question of "Why don't you understand, Grandpa? It is clear to me." I look forward to the day when I will understand all Anson understands and will be able to share his unique perspective of this world and truly realize what a blessing he is in my life. How can you look at that smile and not know that he is a chosen son of God destined for greatness?