Saturday, January 31, 2009

Finally! Some pictures of Gpa with some of the grandchildren! Yes, I finally got a camera, and don't even try to compare my photos with his! We took the kids to Burger King for some Gpa and Gma time and some yummy(?) fries and chicken nuggets. Anyone who knows these kids, knows how much they love fries and possibly greater than their love of fries, is their love of ketchup! The greatest love of all, is our love for them!

A mathematics award winner!!!
Anson was honored at the Pierce Park Elementary Awards Assembly last Thursday, with a special award for great performance in math for the 1st semester! He got a cool medal on a purple ribbon and a very nice certificate. Mom and Dad (and Gma) are so proud! Way to go, Anson!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A few of Grandpa and Grandma's important things...

Superman's new cape

Beck's new favorite Christmas toy.
Eden transformed into a ballerina.

Who is the man behind the goggles?

Just a Thought

With everything that life has handed us the last few months, I started thinking. I know...dangerous. I was thinking how precious life is and how fragile. How unfettered our lives can be one moment and the next we are entangled in a web of complications, trials, finances, and on and on and on. All these "important" things distract our focus and shroud our perspectives so heavily we forget what is truly important. Family, relationships, spirituality, renewing and serving one another. To paraphrase a quote, "The most important things in life aren't things". I have to remind myself to savor those moments of joy we experience everyday. Shared laughter, the conversation of comfortable silence, the gentle touch of a child's small hand, holding hands with your spouse...the list is endless if you think about it. Just a thought.