Thursday, April 16, 2009


Proud Grandma with her two little Easter Boys. What is it about little boys with bunny ears that makes a Grandma so giddy??? They are two of the cutest, most handsome little men that walk this planet. The other children wouldn't let me take a picture of them with their ears on. I think they may have been concerned about the blackmail potential such a compromising photograh may have in later years. Personally I think they will regret not having their photo with their darling Grandmother. Someday they will appreciate this...

Monday, April 6, 2009

New Arrival - Dax Michael Bishop

Our newest grandchild arrived on April 2nd - a bouncing baby boy. I apologize I don't have all the stats. I do know that he looks an awful lot like his older brother Bo. He is a darling little thing and makes the cutest noises. I think his brothers and sister like him okay. A little slide show will be coming soon.

Bo wasn't sure he wanted to hold Dax but warmed up to him quickly.

I love this photo of Anson. What a precious scene this is.

Eden likes her new brother. She loves to hold him.