Monday, May 18, 2009

Pretty Women


Pretty Women....Fascinating...Pretty Women are a wonder...Pretty Women. I am blessed to have pretty women in my life. Of course my beautiful wife that has put up with me for 12 years and, for whatever reason, still loves me. I think she may even like me sometimes. I must have done something good in my childhood to deserve her. The other pretty woman in this photo is Sally Murray. She was here a week ago for Mother's day and we were lucky enough to have her share some of her experiences while in Africa. Kim and I were able to spend about 10 days with Sally and her husband, Steve, while they were living in Africa. It was an experience that will forever impact my life. Seeing her in her self proclaimed "Ghanaian Tent" and viewing photos of her adopted country brought back so many memories. I know both Kim and I struggled with our emotions as we watched the portraits of Ghana captured by Sally (I was honored that she had added a few of my photos to her presentation). You will never meet anyone that has a bigger heart and love without bounds. To have the capacity to love unconditionally is something I should strive for. I have a great example in my friend, Sally. She truly is an amazing woman. Not just pretty, but a beautiful daughter of God. I can see why she and Kim have been able to maintain such a deep friendship for so many years. They are very much alike in so many ways. Okay, Kim likes a little bling and sparkle once in a while and Sally doesn't like jewelry, Kim loves purses, bags, etc and I don't think I have ever seen Sally with a purse...they are opposites in many ways too, but they truly are "Soul" sisters. I know my life has been tremendously blessed by my Kimilee and by so many of her friends. It is a privilege to have wonderful women in my life. They are all Pretty Women and they are all Wonders.
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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Botanical Gardens

Kim and I took the Bishop children, the oldest three, to the Boise Botanical Gardens last Friday. It was an adventure. I was hoping to get some fun photos of the little tykes. The beautiful professional photos that were floating around in my imagination just waiting to be captured on my trusty Canon...well...are still floating around in my imagination. Attempting to pose these three was reminiscent of trying to herd a yard full of cats. Come to think if it, herding cats might have been easier. Don't misinterpret my meaning. I had great fun and the kids were more than wonderful, but herding these three little cats was hard work. Anson, Eden and Bo have wonderful personalities and spirits bursting with energy. This is what makes photographing them such a pleasure. I love some of the shots. I think I may have even captured a bit of those amazing personalities.