Sunday, August 28, 2011

Like Father, Like Son

Excitement filled the air on Friday night as preparations for the Tri Idaho Splash Pedal N' Dash got underway.  Beck Botkin has followed in his daddy's running shoes and participated in his first triathlon.  The first leg of the race was the Splash....climb up the water slide and then slip slide down.  I was a little worried when Beck hesitated at the top of the slide and knowing he isn't the biggest fan of water, I wondered if he would come down.  Being the courageous little man that he his, down he came.  Tucker headed Beck over to the bikes and made the transition to the Pedal portion of the race.  Beck rode the half mile, training wheels and all, with Dad running with him.  Coming in strong from the ride, Beck did the Dash.  He was a determined little boy.  What a great dad Tucker is too to be with him every inch of the race.  Beck crossed the finish line with determination and a smile.  This was about the cutest thing I have ever seen.




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Michelle said...

oh my stinking goodness! you got some great pics!! love the one of the medal and the three of us :) thanks so much Mike for taking these. ANd especially both of you for being there!! you guys are awesome grandparents!